What to Expect:


An adventure for you and an advantage for your students, this experience will provide both you and your host community with amazing opportunities.


Dedicated students from isolated rural villages will journey to you to be taught any subjects which you’d like to teach.


Strenuous yet indescribably beautiful, your trek will lead you through amazing Shyadri foothills to a new home and host family.


Your students will be determined children from villages. They range in age from about four years old to 16. Villages in the Sahyadri Region. Your students’ first language is Marathi, so you have to understand and little bits speak in Marathi. Most teachers teach younger students (Age 13 and under) but some teach older students. This mostly depends on the school’s needs and is decided by the headmaster at the time of your arrival at the school.


You’re most likely to teach English as a second language to your students, but it’s possible that you teach other subjects as well, like Drama, Art, Sports, Stories or choose your own new subject which you want to teach. You are encouraged to express both your preferences and passions to your headmaster.


Although every one of our partner villages has a school. For this reason, your students may have to walk long distances to school each day. Many students trek for 2 hours to get to and from school.

You should expect your school to be a basic, cement structure with barred windows and open hallways. Most have beautiful views of the mountains, and some have a yard for students to play in.  Schools tend to be furnished with basic amenities in bad condition.  Most have benches for students to sit on, and taller benches for them to write on. Some schools have whiteboards, and some use chalk. Most teachers do not speak English well (hence your value) and are very supportive of Trek to School.

Some schools are listed as below

Sr.no School Name Area


Subjects of your Choice

Sr.no Subjects
1 English
2 Drama
3 Sports
4 Art
5 Paper mash
6 Drawing
7 Stone painting
8 Handicrafts
9 Story telling
10 Yoga
11 Classroom activities: These are related to instruction work in different subjects such as classroom experiments, discussions, question-answer sessions, scientific observations, use of audio-visual aids, guidance programs, examination and evaluation work etc.
12 Activities in the library: It deals with reading books and magazines taking notes from prescribed and reference books for preparing notes relating to talk lessons in the classroom. Reading journals and periodicals pertaining to different subjects of study, making files of news-paper cuttings, etc.


What’s the module?

This activities will conduct on every Saturday

You have to report at the school before time which is allotted you

You can choose location by your choice

Session will held for 1.30 hrs

Appreciation letter given to you after 5 session successfully conducted by you


Note :

  • This programme is conducted for a social responsibility of ours, towards community.
  • Satisfaction of your mind is must.
  • Those who are wanted to willingly join this programme, most welcome.
  • Your valuable suggestion is needed.



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