A registered organisation made by concerned youth, motivators and nature lovers specialising in conducting treks, adventure activities, ecological tours, nature trails, corporate outdoor activities, road trips, expeditions across the country..

We are a team of disciplined and trained individuals with years of experience in conducting treks, adventure activities, ecological tours, nature trails, corporate outdoor activities, road trips, expeditions across the country. We intend to influence mind, heart and soul of as many people we come across to be a responsible individual to live in harmony with nature.

We design and execute trips/treks/events that bring us closer to nature. We study and research the environment and try to share with people whom we can get in touch with. We execute activities like One day treks, Weekend Treks, long camps and treks, adventure activities, mountaineering activities, road trips, ecological trips, expeditions, cycling trips.. preferably in region or places that are still not so affected by civilisation and little less disturbed.

We believe conducting activities in such places helps us understand better how people living in those region live in sync with nature and environment AND we also get to contribute a bit in their lives not just economically but also by conducting programs like Book distribution, awareness programmes, interactive sessions with children and villagers, educational activities and volunteering in various philanthropic work.


To encourage and develop a sustainable culture where we human and nature live together in harmony.

Short Treks 91%
Camps 87%
Expedditions 93%
Long Treks 93%
Eco tours 98%
Community Work 96%


Although we tend to conduct trips on a region specific specialities, this is a framework to the trips and activities packages we design for our clients.


Our team of passionate travellers research about various places where trip/activity can be conducted keeping preferences of people in mind and yet we can offer something unique that they won’t get in main stream tours. It’s not like they are inferior or something but we believe, if we didn’t learn something new today then the purpose of real travel wasn’t fulfilled.


Our travel experts visit the place, observe and pre-plan the place before declaring any trip. We scan the region to its extremes with all possibilities including emergency situations. We obtain local contacts of various resources to assure safety.


Our each team member is highly experienced and responsible leader who knows what’s important and what needs to be prioritised while conducting trips. Since we conduct trips in extreme wilderness as well, our members are trained enough to assure safety of not just themselves but also of the whole group.


We are committed to ensure the best possible experience during the trip/activity. All of us return home with a memorable event in life.

Our priority is not just to provide legit services to client(s) but also to make sure that by promising the service(s) we do not compromise the safety or we do not affect the trip/itinerary or regional environment. We ensure the equilibrium instead of focussing on economical perks.

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