Wild Trekkers is an energetic company filled up of youthfulness with a reputation for consistent inspiration in the region they conduct their activities and events.


Conservation : Nature, Wild life, Environment, History, Culture, Forts, Humanity.. Everything needs conservation. We are here to spread awareness, initiate the movement. Would you like to join us?

Our Philosophy

Wild Trekkers, a registered organisation intend to create a buzz among responsible citizen of the nation who are willing to take a leap towards contributing for a better tomorrow by spreading awareness about importance of elements, literature, ecology, living – non living beings in the surroundings towards which/whom we have been a bit ignorant as a human race.

Being the most intelligent species on the planet, we have successfully survived and influenced the planet according to our needs. In the process we’ve affected other elements which made this place worth living.

With this platform and as an organisation Wild Trekkers we intend to make a difference. Create some awareness and initiate the movement towards conservation. Conservation of Forts, Culture, Environment, Nature, Wild life and so on.. by conducting various activities/trips to make us realise what it is to be in harmony with all of them and a more beautiful life can be lived. A bit more soulful and satisfactory life can be lived.

We, the team Wild Trekkers encourage and welcome you all to join us on our treks, trips, expeditions, philanthropic work, community work and camps, collaborate with us if you are already working for the cause and make this a global effort towards better tomorrow.

Be the Wild Trekkers and Explore the world.